15 Sep 2014

Why Choose Copper Gutters?

September 15, 2014Copper, Gutters

In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal of your home, copper gutters will also increase the value of your home.

Copper Gutters

Gutters can either blend into your home’s exterior unobtrusively or can stand out and be another decorative detail that highlights the beauty and architecture of your home. That is the benefit of copper gutters – copper gutters are custom and provide for both utility and sculptural detail. And copper gutters are lasting and the look actually improves with time. Each year that passes brings new patina to the appearance of copper gutters.


Aside from copper gutters, there are few other choices that actually improve the appearance of your home. Gutters are usually painted in order to blend in and not stand out and as they fade and rust you must replace them. For instance, aluminum gutters usually last about a quarter of the time that copper gutters last. Because they last so long and add beauty to your home, copper gutters are an investment that are well worth it. Copper gutters can last between 60 and 90 years.


Rust is a real issue when it comes to guttering. Depending on the material you choose for your gutters, rust is an eventuality that you will most likely have to contend with at some point. Since copper is resistant to corrosion, they can take more abuse in the form of acid rain, marine environments, or even city environment. Copper gutters can withstand frigid temperatures, extreme heat, rain, all types of weather, without weakening.


Copper’s protective patina is what makes it such a durable material, but it is also what makes it such a welcome aesthetic addition to your home. Copper initially is a bright salmon colour that turns more brown, then reddish brown, even grayish and greenish brown, and then a light green over the course of about 25 years. Many people choose to let this natural oxidation process take place, as this is a major part of the appeal for copper guttering.

In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal of your home, copper gutters will also increase the value of your home.

You still have many choices in the style of gutters. You can choose – K-style, round, half-round, custom-fabricated, high back, etc.


Aside from cleaning your gutters and making sure there is no debris buildup, copper gutters have no other discernible maintenance. Once you have them installed you will not need to worry about leaks or your gutters coming loose.

Environmentally Friendly

Copper gutters are an environmentally friendly guttering option. Copper is fully recyclable, it is the only guttering material that can be reused to this degree and is considered a “green metal.” Choosing a fully sustainable guttering system that will last for the entire length of time you live in your home is an excellent investment.

Considering the lack of maintenance necessity, the aesthetic and monetary value, and the environmental sustainability factors, choosing a copper guttering system is a no-brainer. Some homeowners are put off by the initial cost, but taking into account all of the benefits of choosing copper gutters, the cost is actually fairly low. If you have the money to spend and are looking to replace or upgrade your current guttering system, you cannot go wrong choosing copper.